Visibility of Research in Design Practice Current and Future Trends

  • Ajla Aksamija Perkins+Will, AREA Research
  • David Green Perkins+Will, AREA Research
Keywords: research in practice, innovation, building technology, design


This paper discusses the current trends in research coming from practice, particularly focusing on the research efforts of Perkins+Will Building Technology Laboratory (Tech Lab). We discuss the processes, types of research questions, selection of appropriate research methods, and applications of results in design projects. We demonstrate these aspects by examining a specific research project as a casestudy, focusing on the facade energy performance and daylight analysis. Then we discuss the forming of a new non-profit research organization, AREA Research, which was initiated from the existing design practice and the current research activities. The primary objective of this entity is to allow collaborative research efforts between design firms, research laboratories, universities and other research organizations that concentrate on the research relating to the built environment, which may or may not be directly driven by a specific architectural or design project. We discuss the objectives, vision and mission of AREA Research, as well as its organization. These new types of collaborative efforts are aimed to increase visibility of research relating to the built environment, as well as the application of research results in practice.
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Aksamija, A., & Green, D. (2014). Visibility of Research in Design Practice Current and Future Trends. ARCC Conference Repository.
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