Hybridized Pedagogies: Architectural Education in Motion

  • Anthony Titus Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Keywords: Pedagogy, hybrid knowledge, cultural relevancy


Twenty-first century experiments in architectural pedagogy are beginning to increasingly take steps towards the hybridization and critical cross-communication of the sciences, arts and humanities. The blurring of these boundaries now allows us to see architecture as a body of knowledge that participates in along-term and deeper transformation of society. This paper will examine three emergent pedagogical typologies that exemplify innovative methods of generating research, the results of which are made accessible to the larger public, which in turn expands the boundaries of architectural practice. This examination will be conducted by identifying three uniquely structured entities, each a hybridized condition where partnership, collaboration and exchange represent the core of their makeup. Each of these entities has established an innovative relationship between academia and practice, while expanding and cultivating new audiences for the research they conduct. The current challenges that permeate the culture of architectural education are due in large part to the crisis of a quickly changing world, which is at odds with the evolutionary slowness of educational models. As a means of addressing the pace of contemporary society, new institutions are exploring models of lightness, speed and fluidity. Strategic global networks, academic research programs nested within established professional practices, and parallel practice / research endeavors are the core characteristics of these new models. The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology, OMA/AMO and GSAPP’s Studio-X are the three models that will be examined. The paper will make explicit the unique research being conducted by each of these three entities and will establish how this research is changing the relationship between academia, professional practice, and the larger public’s understanding of the architectural discipline.
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